Every window bay is different, but here are some examples of areas we can restore or replace: 



Traditional lead work

All using quality high code graded lead materials; lead flashing with mortar pointing, step and cover flashing, timber roll, hip flashing with roll end bossed hip, clipped flashing details and all finished with patination oil. Traditional methods are used with contemporary and unique styling.​

Stone replacement or in-situ stone restoration

We use our extensive restoration skills to either rebuild your existing stonework or to replace specific components. We like to keep as much of your original stonework as possible. This not only saves you money but also keeps the most important original heritage elements of your home intact.  

Exterior brickwork

Including paint and texture removal using Therma Tech. This superheater water cleaning machine is one of the most portable, versatile and environmentally friendly surface-cleaning systems. 
We can remove most coatings using a variety of different processes from high-temperature steam to applying slow-acting poultices.

Slate roof replacement or restoration

We can install a whole host of different slate tile layouts using traditional methods and surface finishes. Natural roofing slates can: 

  • Can withstand the test of time; 

  • Are available several distinct finishes, each type being completely different in colour, texture, thickness or a combination of these; 

  • Are resistant to both acid and alkali chemicals, are fire resistant and are not affected by fungus, moss, insects, animals or birds.

Guttering and fascia

To complete the restoration, very stylish guttering not only finishes the fabulous look but most importantly helps to maintain and keep your building dry in our lovely climate. We have sourced a comprehensive colour range of styles, profiles and components to introduce you too. A heritage look will keep your property in period, but with a modern twist for the 21 st Century. 

Bayfront accessories

New traditional hardwood box sash windows (available in a range of colours); bayfront window box planters (a wide range of different designs, finishes and materials available); exterior window pot guards (cast iron); and more! 
All accessories are designed by Wendy Hooper Interior Designs. MA. RCA. 

“We source all the original and traditional materials along with new materials and the latest technology. This enables us to create perfect architectural features, putting them firmly back where they belong - on the front of your home.”


- Wendy, The Victorian Bay Restoration Company

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